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26 Pictures That Prove Parents Are Definitely Evolving


1. They're making sick burns:

2. They're asking deep existential questions:

3. They're inventing new acronyms:

4. They're figuring out how to use phones:

5. They're making even sicker burns:

6. They're rebelling:

7. They're following the latest fashion trends:

8. They're finally learning about emojis:

9. They're watching all the latest movies:

10. They're soup:

11. They're figuring out the best way to ignore people:

12. They're learning new languages:

13. They're seeing things we can only dream of:

14. They're mastering text signatures:

15. They're way ahead of schedule:

16. They're... SURVIVING:

17. They're becoming amateur scientists:

18. They're solving all the world's problems:

19. They're aware of their own worth:

20. They're asking the tough questions:

21. They're using memes:

22. They're creating their own slang:

23. They're H2 going hard with the puns:

24. They're going even harder in the paint with puns:

25. They're becoming artists:

26. And they're dropping mints:

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