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23 Outfits Every Single Person Will Immediately Recognize

Everyone is the same.

1. The "My Dad Is a Lawyer":

2. The Pinot Grig-OH NO:

3. The Douchebag:

The official outfit of "Mr. I think it's ok to yell at my girlfriend in public"

4. The "I Just Got Back From a Cruise":

5. The Sleepover:

6. The Haircut Every Single Guy Has:

7. The White Girl During Fall:

Basic white girl outfit during this time of the year

8. The Middle School Boy:

EVERY surburban middle school has at least one kid with this go-to outfit

9. The Middle School Girl:

10. The Dad:

Now that summer has started (unofficially) you will see a lot of the 'Official Dad Uniform' ☀️

11. The Dad on the 4th of July:

the official white dad outfit for the 4th of July

12. The "I Am Going to Harass You on Facebook":

13. The "Cool" Teacher:

"@FemaIeStruggle: White male teachers' favorite outfit on Fridays "Mr. Ralph from the middle school lol.

14. The Anime Club:

15. The "I Spend All My Free Time in Parking Lots":

The official outfit of kids who hang out in high school parking lots

16. The Uses The Word "Swag" Unironically:

every single guy I know thinks its cool to wear these no

17. The Little Shit:

18. The Basic Guy Outfit:

19. The "I Have a Different Lanyard for Everyday of the Week":

#americanproblemsnight where every single boy wears the nike socks with flip flops

20. The Racist Old Guy:

da official outfit 4 old white men that get annoyed @ minorities

21. The "My Name Is Probably Chad":

This is the " I just slapped my mom because she didn't let me drive the BMW" outfit.

22. The "My Backseat Is Full of Dip Spit":

#youknowyoureamericanwhen EVERY SINGLE GUY IN SCHOOL WEARS THIS

23. And The Outfit That Encapsulates Our Entire Existence: