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19 Pictures That Prove Old People Have Absolutely Mastered Texting

Masters of the art form.

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1. They're great with technology:

2. They have such a way with words:

3. They don't take any crap:

4. They're easy to find:

5. They're persistent:

6. They take the best screenshots:

7. Again, they have such a way with words:

8. They totally understand how sending pictures works:

9. They get so, so excited:

10. They're up on all the hot apps:

11. They always send the sweetest messages:

12. They have NO time for slackers:

13. They're never cocky:

14. They make perfect sense:

15. They have the best introductions:

16. They're well versed in the ways of Bubger King:

17. They've got close connections:

18. They know how to get rid of things:

19. And they've always got your back:

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