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24 People Who Have Clearly Never Met A Young Person In Their Life

Teenagers are now an alien species.

1. The person who thinks this is an acceptable pregnancy announcement:

2. The person who thinks that people want to spray themselves with swag:

3. The person responsible for this monstrosity:

4. The person who is convinced every teenager has never read a book:

5. The person that thinks heroin is the hot new social network:

6. The person who thinks that moms tell their kids when they're going to shave:

7. The person responsible for this:

8. The creator of this T-shirt:

9. The person who just created their first abbreviation for this bottle:

10. The creator of this anti-drug campaign:

11. The person who thought this acronym worked:

12. The person who thinks that anyone talks about their glasses like this:

13. The inventor of the "teen" language:


14. The person who actually thought this shirt was a fine idea:

15. Newt Gingrich:

16. The person behind all these new colors of crayons:

17. The person who spent precious time in this monstrosity of emojis:

18. The person who thought this was "the new style":

19. The potato salesperson behind the hashtags #cleanplates and #mashtag:

20. The person who came up with this warning:

21. The person who thinks that people care this much about emojis:

22. The person who truly believed car insurance could come with not only swagger, but an epic one at that:

23. The person behind this unexplainable #YOLO:

24. And person who came up with the hashtag #folder, perhaps the most important hashtag in history: