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    26 Of The Greatest Things That Have Ever Happened On 4chan

    Hemmingway, Austen, Faulkner, the dudes on 4chan. Don't believe me? Just take a look.

    1. ARE YOU???

    2. Can you fix this picture?

    3. Or put the sun between my thumbs?

    4. How's it going?

    5. A ride home:

    6. Pure baking soda:

    7. Genius plan:

    8. Duke:

    9. Walking home:

    10. A disturbing revelation:

    11. GF is prego:

    12. What do you do?

    13. Who's the Batman?

    14. Aww, come on:

    15. Hell yeah:


    17. The reason the Hornets left Charlotte:

    18. Ask a man who got shot anything:

    19. Prank calling the place from "Pawn Stars:"

    20. Awkward moments with mom:

    21. Mascots:

    22. How to get everything for free:

    23. Eating a sandwich:

    24. Grandma problems:

    25. How to make friends and also a lot of money:

    26. Joe:

    4chan articles found primarily via imgur's best of r/4chan.

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