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    Nyctophobia Is A Real, Absolutely Terrifying Thing And You Definitely Have It

    I warned you.

    You might know it, but chances are you have nyctophobia, AKA the "abnormal fear of night or darkness."

    Think you don't have it? Let's find out how these pictures make you feel.

    Imagine looking out into the night and seeing a distant figure on a roof:

    Or looking out into an empty field and spotting just one man, slowly walking towards you:

    I mean, what would you do if you saw this outside your door?

    What if you looked out the window and saw two eyes staring back at you?

    And what if you looking into the night and saw two unrecognizable eyes looking at you?

    Think about this for a second: what if one of these eyes doesn't belong to the sheep?

    What if it belongs to this instead?

    What if you were driving at night and came across this?

    Feeling okay? Do you think you could walk this path alone?

    Is this deep, dark hole calling your name?

    Does this look like some place you'd go into?

    I mean, aren't you a little curious?

    Imagine it's the middle of the night and you see one light go on in this abandoned building...

    You decide to enter by yourself, slowly walking through the hallway...

    Making your way further and further towards the light...

    Walking deeper and deeper into the building...

    Passing welcoming signs all over the walls...

    Until you come across this door. What's behind the door? Why can't it be opened?

    You hear a noise and decide to investigate...

    Inching further and further into the complex until...

    You come face to face with this.