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    26 Pictures That Prove Old People Are Too Pure For This World


    1. They're always prepared for battle:

    2. They take beautiful selfies:

    3. Their humor is way ahead of the times:

    4. They're great with technology:

    5. Like, really great:

    6. They've got the best costumes:

    7. They have great photoshoots:

    8. They give the best feedback:

    9. They've got a great sense of fashion:

    10. They've got a way with memes:

    11. They take matters into their own hands:

    12. They're always down for a tea party:

    13. They know how to PARTY:

    14. They're very patient:

    15. They're, like, actually funny:

    16. They know how to make a good date:

    17. No matter the circumstances:

    18. They're consistent:

    19. They've always got that lasagna:

    20. They know how to keep a friendship going:

    21. They always know how to say hello:

    22. They're always supportive:

    23. They're learned:

    24. They're masters of the deal:

    25. They appreciate a nice t-shirt:

    26. And they always say the sweetest things:

    Twitter: @Tatum_Strangely

    Gotta love 'em.

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