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21 Meals That Are So Gross They’re Borderline Offensive

Get them away.

1. My mouth is watering:

2. Just like mom used to make:

3. Nothing like a homemade meal:

4. Love waking up to pancakes in the morning:

5. #CleanEating:

6. No meal is complete without cornbread:


8. Popcorn tacos — everyone's favorite:

9. Nothing like a bowl of ice soup to get the blood flowing:

10. A rainbow of flavors:

11. Cooked to PERFECTION:

12. Perfect meal for any college student:

13. Mmmmm I love lasagna!

14. Got to make these for the big game:

15. The perfect soup for when you have a cold:

16. It's BBQ season, baby!

17. Breakfast for dinner <3:

18. Can't beat hot dogs and pancakes:

19. Love a spaghetti burrito the night before a big race:

20. I'm salivating:

21. And, of course, no meal is complete withou— WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS: