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The 25 Most Oblivious People In All Of Human History


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1. Whoever thought it was a good idea to instagram this:

2. This person with the strangest, most upsetting family life:

3. The girls who have never seen a picture of Drake:

4. The person who had the worst Friday night ever:

5. The guy who has never seen a pound sign before:

6. The lady who probably ended up very disappointed with her celebrity encounter:

7. The girl who does not own a clock and will never own a clock:

8. The lady who most likely is also very disappointed in her celebrity encounter:

9. The guy who probably has never seen a calendar:

10. The guy whose service provider says all you need to know about him:

11. The person who... who... I don't even know:

SMH @ 200 MPH.

SMH @ 200 MPH.

12. Peter:

13. The Fucking Killas:

14. Rachael:

15. These people who 1. Have apparently never seen Bill Cosby and 2. Have no idea what a saxophone is:

16. This person who should not be given technology to fiddle with:

17. The most insensitive Canadian ever:

18. The person who learned this lesson the hard way:

19. The person who actually thinks they can eat lion:

20. This dude who has evidently never watched a sporting event in his life:

21. This person who has never heard of the month of December:

Huge dis to December.

Huge dis to December.

22. And this person who is also most likely unsure of how time functions:

23. The people who have never seen a painting or drawing or any other work of art:

24. The person who apparently lives in a vacuum:

25. And, of course, fake Macklemores around the world:

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