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22 Things Millennials Thought Were Completely Normal But Are Now Deeply Embarrassing In Retrospect

It all happened.

Back in the 2000s, nothing was cooler than...

1. Taking a million pictures at Ruby Tuesday's or Olive Garden...

do gen z know we used to upload 90 photos to a facebook album after every single night out? they’d be so mortified for us.

2. Painstakingly putting together an album of those pictures...

Remember being a pre-teen and making these albums on Facebook captioned ‘~aDvEnTuRes~’ where you were just walking to the corner store w/ your buds takin pics like ✌🏼😬 all edited by Piczo captioned ‘you’re gonna catch a cold from the ice inside your soul.’ WHAT A FREAKIN TIME

3. And having 75% of the pictures be something like this:

shoes arranged in a star-like pattern

4. 3D movie glasses as fashion:

tweet reading y'all used to take 3d movie theater glasses and pop the plastic lenses out and wear them i ain't forget

5. Just yelling quotes from Chapelle's Show and Borat at each other in order to communicate:

facebook post reading before memes we used to just yell out chapelle show quotes at each other

6. Typing like this whenever they got the chance:

I used to text people and type on myspace like this and it haunts me - heyyy smexie.! ~:3~ lolxz.!

7. Putting the finishing touches on a username with a xXx:

meme reading nobody millennials after adding xxx before and after the username welcome to downtown coolsville

8. Publicly ranking friends like some kind of supervillain:

tweet reading myspace really made us publicly rank our friends 1-8

9. Wearing shoes big enough to house a family of nine in them:

big shoes

10. Posting very depressing lyrics all willy-nilly with reckless abandon:

the height of social media was like 2008 when you’d post “I hate everyone to the bitter end, nothing turns out right, there’s no end in sight, I hate my life” (mad about geometry homework) and your aunt would comment “you need to call me” and you’d reply “lol it’s song lyrics”

11. Spending literal hours of life manually changing the artwork on iTunes:

tweet reading i just had a horrible flashback to the pre-spotify days when i used to download all my music with youtube to mp3 coverters and organize them into itunes albums

12. Waiting an entire day just for one three minute song to download:

tweets reading some of you never had to wait 8 hours for one limp bizkit song to download and it shows

13. Painstakingly writing all of your favorite lyrics in handwriting so tiny no reasonable person could ever be expected to read them:

How insufferably wannabe emo I was at 13 - writing Blink 182 lyrics on my Converse. Good one, past Becca.

14. Posting literally every single thought to Facebook:

one like and I’ll start tweeting the same way I used to post on Facebook 10 years ago

15. Mentally keeping a steady cache of Chuck Norris jokes to tell to friends and family:

16. Unironically celebrating Talk Like A Pirate Day:

17. Pranking people via voicemail:

tweet reading hello hold on i can't hear you hello seriously can't hear you just kidding leave a message at the beep

18. Unironically getting into heated arguments over whether or not pirates would beat ninjas in a fight:

19. Letting people "own" pics:

Remember on MySpace when you posted a new picture and ppl would b like “let me own this” and you’d change the caption to “______ownz this pic xD”

20. Joining 400 "Lost my phone" groups every single day:

21. Setting profile pictures to Blingees like this:

spongebob in 2002 clothing

22. And unironically jamming out to songs featuring Alvin and the Chipmunks in the 21st century:

we really survived through that era where every new song would get an alvin and the chipmunks remix

Seriously, though. What happened there?

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