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The 23 Greatest Moments In The History Of Flirting

Got a hurtin' for some flirtin'.

1. Flirting is all about the questions you ask:

2. The answers you give:

3. And the sweet nothings you whisper:

4. It's about speaking your own language:

5. Compliments that MEAN something:

6. And opening up to each other:

7. Flirting is all about those cute nicknames:

8. Those moments that remind you of the other person:

9. And those special little things you share:

10. It's about getting hot from time to time:

11. Being passionate:

12. And getting down and dirty:

13. It's about showing how YOUUUUU feel:

14. Showing that you care:

15. About loving every part of each other:

16. And planning a future together:

17. Flirting is all about putting some thought into things:

18. Those little pictures you send:

19. And about taking huge, emotional steps:

20. It's about those little things you say:

21. About sending messages that put any poet to shame:

22. And sharing your deepest, darkest fears:

23. But mostly, it's about saying those special, special words: