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28 Maps That Will Teach You A Damn Thing About Your State For Once


1. How does Google describe your state?

2. Who's the most popular musician in your state?

3. What's the most popular TV show set in your state?

Mike Nudelman/Business Insider / Via

4. What part of the U.S. do you live in?

Alexandr Trubetskoy / Via

5. What is your state worst at?

bigafricanhat / Via

6. How much do the people living in your state hate it?

7. How forgettable is your state?

8. Who's the most popular actor in your state?

9. What's the most popular movie set in your state?

Jakubisko / Via

10. What do British people think about your state?

Tom Phillips/BuzzFeed | ekler/Shutterstock

11. What's the most popular boy's name in your state?

Reuben Fischer-Baum / Via

12. What's the most popular girl's name in your state?

Reuben Fischer-Baum / Via

13. Which country is closest to you?

ASBusinessMagnet / Via

14. Who makes the most money in your state?

Reuben Fischer-Baum / Via

15. How much snow does your state need to have a snowday?

Alexandr Trubetskoy / Via

16. How big is Alaska, anyway?

17. What does a population distribution of the United States, using the unit of "Canadas" look like?

18. How does your state pronounce "caramel?"

19. How happy are people to live in your state?


20. What would your state look like if every attempt to secede had been successful?

Andrew Shears

21. Who's the best-selling artist in your state?

Ooosh-E / Via

22. What's your state's favorite beer?

23. What would the most popular city in your state be called if it kept its original name?

24. What's the most popular pizza place in your state?

25. What country has the same GDP as your state?

Phaenthi / Via

26. What company is your state known for?

Jeff Patterson / Via

27. When did your state become a state?

28. And, of course, how afraid of wild gorillas is your state?


Idaho is hardcore.