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21 GIFs That Perfectly Sum Up Life

Life is but a GIF.

1. Life is this game of dominoes:

2. It's this Gatorade bottle:

3. And this day at the beach:

4. Life is this footrace:

5. It's this slide:

6. And this day at work:

7. Life is this kid finding out what the mail carrier does:

8. It's this trip down the stairs:

9. And it's this plane's maiden voyage:

10. Life is this train:

11. It's this hat:

12. And it's this science experiment:

13. Life is this basketball saying hello:

14. It's this ride down a slide:

15. And it's this celebration:

16. Life is this 3-pointer:

17. It's this birthday party:

18. And it's this kid just trying to put in an honest day's work:

19. Life is this robot:

20. It's this kid trying to get a sip:

21. But, most of all, it's a dude dressed as Pikachu trying to backflip:

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