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25 Pictures That Will Teach You Something For Once In Your Life

Let's learn.

1. This is a gallium, a metal that melts in your hands:

2. This is what getting a tattoo looks like in slow motion:

3. This is how springs are made:

4. This is an app that translates things in real time:

5. This is what happens when a car from 1959 collides with a car from 2009:

6. This is a paper airplane machine:

7. This is what happens when glass shatters:

8. This is what a star being swallowed up by a black hole looks like:

9. This is how trains turn:

10. This is what tonic water looks like with a black light:

11. This is a machine that peels apples for you:

12. This is what it looks like to cry in space:

13. This is a train being crash tested:

14. What happens when a bubble freezes:

15. What 1,000 paintballs being fired at once looks like:

16. What 3D-printed metal looks like:

17. What tape does to frosted glass:

18. This is how big Australia is compared to the United States:

19. This is what Earth would look like with Saturn's rings:

20. This is what snake venom does to blood:

21. This is what a tree full of pollen looks like:

22. This is what happens when you drop a hammer and a feather at the same time on the Moon:

23. This is an app that does your math for you:

24. This is how a Slinky drops:

25. Oh, and how to make chocolate bowls: