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19 Pictures That Will Teach You Something For Once In Your Life

Learn something for once, ya knucklehead.

1. How waffle fries are made:

2. How a VHS player works:

3. What it looks like when you swallow:

4. How colored pencils might look to a person who is colorblind:

5. What a yawning pelican looks like:

6. How a woman's body changes during pregnancy:

7. How Game Of Thrones gets its dragons:

8. How a camera auto-stabilizes:

9. How oysters help keep water clean:

The water in both tanks is from the same time and place. The tank on the right has oysters.

10. How lava is collected:

USGS / Via

11. What self-driving cars at an intersection would look like:

12. What a concussion looks like:

13. How your toilet works:


14. How big the sun really is:

One million Earths: A visual representation of how many Earths could fit inside the sun

15. How puffer fish deflate:

16. How the Pythagorean theorem checks out:

17. How camouflage is put on helmets:


18. How refraction works:

19. And, finally, how dolls get their eyes:



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