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    24 Pictures That Will Make People With Siblings Laugh Harder Than They Should

    It's all too true.

    1. Literally the worst thing you can say to someone with siblings:

    2. NOT TOUCHING!!!

    3. Claiming your territory:

    4. The horror:

    5. Having to do damage control:

    6. The great escape:

    7. The battle over the TV:

    8. Sweet victory:

    9. Sharing like:

    10. Having to hear the same song over and over again:

    11. Scars for life:

    12. Having to label EVERYTHING:

    13. Or else dealing with this:

    14. The great race:

    15. That look:

    16. Being in charge like:

    17. Calling shotgun:

    18. PERKS:

    19. Those cute lil' messages:

    20. The perfect comeback:

    21. Hugging it out like:

    22. When they drop your name:

    23. The worst feeling:

    24. But, in the end: