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    27 Things That 100% Perfectly Sum Up Straight Dude Culture

    I mean, it's true.

    1. Living in an apartment that looks exactly like this:

    2. Having your home decor consist solely of a bunch of empty bottles on top of some cabinets:

    3. And a random flag in the living room:

    4. Or just a wall full of old beer cases:

    5. Yelling "KOBE" and badly missing a shot:

    6. Always using the "without me?" line:

    Or this line:

    7. Having a giant-ass jug of protein powder in the kitchen but, like, no bread or eggs:

    And having questionable priorities elsewhere in the apartment:

    8. Taking pictures while holding a fish like this:

    9. Wearing long Nike socks with slides:

    10. Always calling someone their "buddy" from "place":

    11. Having this exact haircut:

    12. Calling Instagram "insta" or "the gram":

    13. Referring to Dave Matthews Band simply as "Dave":

    Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

    14. Sending pictures like this:

    15. Wearing either a throwback basketball jersey to a concert...

    16. Or a Hawaiian shirt:

    17. Doing this all the time in elementary school:

    18. Owning this exact sweatshirt:

    And wearing this exact shirt to semi-formal events:

    19. Majoring in sports medicine or criminal justice:

    20. Not owning a bed frame:

    21. Pulling out the acoustic guitar and playing "The General" whenever possible:

    Nd3000 / Getty Images

    22. Pointing at each other in pictures:

    23. One time in life having a profile picture that's a cartoon with a bunch of rings on:

    24. Partying with a dude wearing this exact Red Sox hat on "St Paddy's":

    25. Being a little too into the song "Toxic":

    26. Knowing someone who unironically owns this shirt:

    27. And, finally, saying "nice" every time someone says 69:

    It just... it just has to happen.