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    Updated on Sep 29, 2018. Posted on Apr 27, 2017

    19 Pictures You'll Understand If You're Always The Only Person Who Wants Dessert

    The four worst words in the english language: "Just the check, please."

    1. There's always that first speck of hope:

    2. "Could it be?"

    3. "Do they really mean it?"

    4. Until you hear the worst words in the English language: "Just the check, please."


    6. But then the server gives you hope:

    7. Because no one will mess with your lifestyle:

    8. Even if they ask the dreaded question:

    9. You know what you're capable of:

    10. And even if there's absolutely no room left:

    11. No one is too full for dessert:

    12. NO ONE:

    13. You've tried to share the gospel of dessert with your friends:

    14. Or just cut them off completely:

    15. Because wherever there's dessert to be had, there's a bite with your name on it:

    16. And there's never a bite with anyone else's name on it:

    17. You'll go to any length to get that sweet dessert:

    18. ANY LENGTH:

    19. And so help me if someone dares disrespect the sacred leftover dessert:



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