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    28 Pictures That Will Make Retail Workers Laugh Harder Than They Should

    "Hi, how are you today?" "Just looking." JUST LOOKING ISN'T AN EMOTION!

    1. Your daily mood swings:

    2. Your always invisible nametag:

    3. Your official saying:

    4. Your deepest apologies:

    5. Your invisible outstretched hand:

    6. When the manager comes in CLUTCH:

    7. The sprint for freedom:


    9. The mystery of "the back":

    10. Deep emotions:

    11. What being understaffed feels like:

    12. Just trying to RELAX:

    13. Going slowly insane:

    14. The strangely universal haircut:

    15. The look you give when asking this question:

    16. Those sneaky, sneaky customers:

    17. And the joy when they're denied:

    18. Trying to keep cool:

    19. Going Christmas crazy:

    20. Those days with the A Team:

    21. "I won't be coming back here again":

    22. Light conversation:

    23. Those hilarious jokes:

    24. Staying busy:

    25. Putting all those years of math to work:

    26. Getting the answers you need:

    27. This very accurate graph:

    28. And memories of free time: