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23 Pictures That Prove We're Finally Living In The Damn Future


1. We can translate everything on the go:

2. People are seeing HOLOGRAMS live in concert:

3. There are finally REAL hoverboards:

4. Wheelchairs can go upstairs:

5. Garbage cans are smarter than most people:

6. The Motorola Razr is in a MUSEUM:

7. Apps can do math for us:

8. We can print tattoos:

9. Blind mothers can "see" their children:

3D ultrasound printed out for blind mother. This is amazing

10. All those bytes can fit in that one little thing:

11. Not that anyone knows what those things on the right are anymore:

12. TVs straight out of the year 3030:

13. Prosthetics can be controlled with your mind:

14. And, why not, people are experimenting with a SIXTH finger:

15. You can ride your luggage like a dang Mario Kart game:

16. Cars are achieving their full potential:

17. And we're getting one step closer to Harry Potter in real life:

18. Even forks are getting in on the action:

19. 128 MB is now 128 GB:

20. Anyone can be anywhere:

21. Cookie dunking has evolved beyond our wildest dreams:

22. Hair has become FUTURE HAIR:

23. And, most importantly, we FINALLY have LASER DEATH SPIDER ROBOTS.

'Bout time.

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