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28 Things Everyone Has Done But Never, Ever Talks About

We've all experienced...

We've all experienced...

1. The shower struggle:

2. The microwave sprint:

3. Icy, icy gum:

4. The grocery store stare:

5. Checkout regret:

6. Password games:

7. Sneeze dilemma:

8. Lyrical deception:

9. The wallet rush:

10. Cooking pasta:

11. The deleter's dilemma:

12. THAT feeling:

13. Optometrist anxiety:

14. The most disgusting feeling known to humanity:

15. The hardest search in the world:

16. Shipping decisions:

17. The mosquito turn:

18. Window drama:

19. Song daydreams:

20. The beginning of your comedy career:

21. The worst feeling in the world:

22. That smile:

23. The performance of a lifetime:

24. The tell-tale sign:

25. Cartoon desperation:

26. The worst sound in the world:

27. The run for safety:

28. And this, like, every single day:

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