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22 Inanimate Objects You Can Relate To On A Spiritual Level

Humans, objects, we aren't so different.

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1. When someone kisses you on the neck:

2. When you wake up in the morning and realize you forgot to charge your phone:

3. When you think the server is bringing food to your table but at the last minute they go to another:


4. When you stop the microwave with one second left:

5. When you get home late at night and remember you saved yourself some food for this moment:

6. And when you come home and realize someone ate the food you were saving:

7. When your friend is mad at you and you have no idea what you did:

Via pissyeti

8. When you’re telling a story and realize nobody’s listening:

9. When you tap your pockets and don't feel your phone:

10. When you wake up from a nap and have no idea if it's nighttime or daytime:

11. When you're really feeling your outfit:

12. When you're scrolling through a rando's Instagram and you accidentally like a picture:

13. When you pour a bowl of cereal and realize you’re out of milk:

14. When you plug in the charger and don't feel it vibrate:

15. When someone says something mean about your friend and you come to their defense:

16. When you see a friend you haven't seen in a long, long time:

17. When you’re doing the dishes and something touches your hand:

18. When you realize 10 years ago was 2005 and not 1995:

19. When you go to the bathroom and realize you forgot your phone:

20. When you're home alone watching TV and you hear a noise:

21. When you're listening to someone's argument but you have the perfect comeback:

22. And when you're trying to go to sleep and you remember something stupid you did 10 years ago:

Oh my.

Oh my.

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