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How To Survive High School, According To "Summer Heights High"

High school can be tough, so let Chris Lilley help you out.

1. Be confident:

2. And honest with yourself:

3. But don't get down if others aren't into you:

4. And if they aren't into you, stand your ground:

5. And never apologize:

6. Always speak your mind:

7. And always ask the tough questions:

8. Dress to impress:

9. But be modest:

10. Know your surroundings:

11. And the people you surround yourself with:

12. Again, don't be afraid to speak your mind:

13. Even when you're talking with your friends:

14. You just have to be honest:

15. Remember that learning may hurt sometimes:

16. Realize that these are the most important years of your life:

17. And that you might want to choose wisely:

18. Know relationships can be hard, so set some ground rules:

19. And make sure he or she knows your care about them:

20. But if it doesn't work out, remember that there are plenty of fish in the sea:

21. It's OK to be a bitch:

22. Be ready for anything:

23. And every emergency:

24. Be innovative:

25. And come up with new ideas:

And, in the end, always remember:

And that:

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