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    18 Heartwarming Ways To Show Someone You Really Love Them

    Or how to make your significant other hate your guts.

    1. Give them a nice surprise haircut to show them you care:

    2. Give them a gift that matters this Christmas, like the gift of flour:

    3. Seriously, flour is the new hot gift this holiday season:

    4. Help them stay healthy by helping them get their daily requirement of calcium:

    5. Ask them to help around with your daily chores, like cleaning the ol' two wheeler:

    6. Introduce them to your pets:

    7. Offer to make a nice delicious pie for dessert:

    8. If your significant other looks like they might be getting a bit pruney in the pool, send them a gentle hint to leave:

    9. Never refuse to help out your significant other when they're in need. Out of toilet paper? No problem:

    10. It's always a good idea to help him or her wake up with a little bit of hot sauce in the morning:

    Pro-tip: after letting them have some hot sauce, it's always a good idea to give them a cup of vodka. NEVER water.

    11. If you go away on a long vacation, always make sure your significant other feels at home:

    12. Breakfast in bed? So cliche. Try a table in bed:

    13. If you're worried that your significant other is spending too much time inside, a good idea is to scare the be-jesus out of them:

    14. If your flour gift doesn't go over well, don't worry: there are alternatives:

    15. Need to sneak out to make your lover some breakfast in bed? Don't fret... just get a decoy!

    16. Want to play a fun pool game with your SO? Marco Polo too boring? Try this:

    17. Worried your lover isn't showering well enough? Help mark the spots you think need a bit more attention:

    18. And if all else fails, pay a man to help bring you a little bit closer together: