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    Updated on Jul 28, 2018. Posted on Oct 3, 2013

    18 Heartwarming Ways To Show Someone You Really Love Them

    Or how to make your significant other hate your guts.

    1. Give them a nice surprise haircut to show them you care:

    2. Give them a gift that matters this Christmas, like the gift of flour:

    3. Seriously, flour is the new hot gift this holiday season:

    4. Help them stay healthy by helping them get their daily requirement of calcium:

    5. Ask them to help around with your daily chores, like cleaning the ol' two wheeler:

    6. Introduce them to your pets:

    7. Offer to make a nice delicious pie for dessert:


    8. If your significant other looks like they might be getting a bit pruney in the pool, send them a gentle hint to leave:

    9. Never refuse to help out your significant other when they're in need. Out of toilet paper? No problem:

    10. It's always a good idea to help him or her wake up with a little bit of hot sauce in the morning:

    Pro-tip: after letting them have some hot sauce, it's always a good idea to give them a cup of vodka. NEVER water.

    11. If you go away on a long vacation, always make sure your significant other feels at home:

    12. Breakfast in bed? So cliche. Try a table in bed:

    13. If you're worried that your significant other is spending too much time inside, a good idea is to scare the be-jesus out of them:


    14. If your flour gift doesn't go over well, don't worry: there are alternatives:

    15. Need to sneak out to make your lover some breakfast in bed? Don't fret... just get a decoy!


    16. Want to play a fun pool game with your SO? Marco Polo too boring? Try this:


    17. Worried your lover isn't showering well enough? Help mark the spots you think need a bit more attention:

    18. And if all else fails, pay a man to help bring you a little bit closer together:


    Trust me. It works every single time.

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