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18 Ways To Avoid Talking To A Huge Creep

Take it from me, a huge creep.

1. Be straightforward:

2. Get to the point:

3. Don't be afraid to offer a little help:

4. Give them the Patrick treatment:

5. Go to sleep:

6. Send pictures of Aaron Carter:

7. Say you're 9 years old:

8. Don't fall for this excuse:

9. Stay silent:

10. Just say nothing — they're already embarrassing themselves:

11. Ask the magic conch:

12. Use a little Photoshop magic:

13. Show them the error of their ways:

14. Bust out some Cat Facts:

15. Get out of there as fast as you can:

16. Say you're busy:

17. Be honest:

18. And if all else fails, bust out a "K"