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A Whole Lot Of People Think Sandwiches Are Called "Homemade Subway"

This is a good thing.

I got a homemade subway sandwich 😋

First discovered by Twitter user @michaeljhudson, a bunch of people think it's somehow okay to call a sandwich "homemade Subway."

I fully support this decision. Sandwiches are here-to-for now called "homemade Subway." You are wrong if you call them anything else.


Homemade subway.. by chef eiz.. #chickenslice

Thx Luv for my homemade subway sandwich it made me feel a lil better #sickdays #someonelovesyou

Homemade subway sandwich ~ good morning. I know it's look so so ...

Homemade subway. 😩 Imma marry myself 😂😂

Home made subway is the dogs bollocks #chefmatt

Home made subway in a tiger loaf❤️

Homemade subway (with Bacon).... It's all coming together!

Yummy homemade mushroom subway ftw! #love #lunchtime

Homemade subway . Roti yang mahal :p check out my instavid on how i did tis hehe

I think it's time for me to grab a Homemade Cherry Coke Zero, some Homemade Sweet Baby Ray's Sweet Vidalia Onion Sauce, and settle down with a Homemade Subway and a copy of my favorite book, Homemade Grapes Of Wrath.