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This Girl Perfected How To Respond To A Text From A Huge Douchebag

Use Smash Mouth. USE SMASH MOUTH!

Comedian Barbara Gray of Lady2Lady Comedy said that she received these messages from "some rando," so she did what anyone would do: Use the immense talents of Steve Harwell and the boys from the 'Mouth and their hit song "All Star" to get her through it.

It started out innocently enough:

Things got deep:

Things got "week":

Eloping was discussed:

Concepts were discussed:

Swimming was discussed:

But in the end, it was just two all stars talking shop:

And talking about growing old together:

As per usual, the wise words of Smash Mouth were misinterpreted to mean anal sex:

And, of course, pics were exchanged:

Now if she can just do it with the other 14 tracks on 1999's seminal Astro Lounge, I'll be impressed.

Never forget:

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