17 Of The Dumbest Arguments Americans Have Ever Made Against Free Healthcare

    Big yikes.

    1. "An ambulance is not a taxi":

    person who says an ambulance is not a taxi to the hospital

    2. "It's a charity handout":

    person who says healthcare is a charity handout

    3. "Won't people just hurt themselves on purpose?"

    person who says people would just hurt themselves on purpose with free healthcare

    4. "Why use it if you can't afford it?"

    person who says why call an ambulance in the first place if you can't afford it

    5. "European doctors can't fix a broken leg":

    person who says if your leg is broke in europe doctors can't fix it

    6. "Just become a doctor if you want free healthcare":

    person who says just become a doctor if you want healthcare

    7. "Europeans would rather have a big TV":

    person who says europeans should buy big tvs instead

    8. "The waiting times are forever":

    person who talks about how much better healthcare is where they live

    9. "Other countries have zero choice":

    person who says other countries can't pick healthcare providers

    10. "What's next, free medicine?"

    person who says if healthcare if free whats next chemotherapy

    11. "Nobody wants to be sick":

    person who says if people who want glasses to be free get it for free then all healthcare would be

    12. "Being poor is a choice":

    person who says being poor is a choice

    13. "Free healthcare is slavery":

    person who says free heathcare is slavery

    14. "Think of all the money that can be spent on the military instead":

    person arguing for military budgets to be increased instead

    15. "It's a privilege":

    person who says healthcare is a privilage

    16. "It's crappy in Canada":

    person arguing about healthcare in canada

    17. And "at least we get free water":

    person who says at least we get free water in american restaurants