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    Updated on Oct 7, 2019. Posted on Oct 4, 2019

    21 Pictures Anyone Who Celebrated Halloween In The '90s Will Immediately Recognize

    Cherish the spooky mems.

    1. The unmistakable scent of candy in one of these buckets:

    2. Witch fingers that got way too sweaty after wearing them for like three minutes:

    3. Those Scream masks with fake blood that you could pump down them:

    4. Jack-o-lantern leaf bags filled to the brim:

    5. Those McDonalds trick-or-treat buckets:

    6. ... that are way smaller than you remember them being:

    7. The thrill of trading candy at the end of the night:

    8. Which probably consisted of 50% Smarties:

    9. 25% of whatever the hell these things are:

    10. One of these unexplainable candies:

    11. And like 40 of these delicious bad boys:

    12. Not to mention this candy which ALSO only existed at Halloween:

    13. Either going to the movie store to rent a horror movie...

    14. Or watching Halloweentown and Hocus Pocus on Disney Channel for the 78th time:


    15. Or watching your favorite show's Halloween episodes, like the Rugrats special:


    16. Or the absolutely terrifying Boy Meets World Halloween special:


    17. Or maybe just reading one of many Halloween books:

    HarperCollins/Random House

    18. Those classic McNugget happy meal Halloween toys:

    19. Spending the month eating the world's most delicious cookie:

    20. Or on the waxy, waxy taste of these "fangs":

    21. Or destroying thousands of dollars of dental work on one of these lollipops:

    It was worth it then and it's worth it NOW.

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