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The 23 Most Important Moments In Left Shark History

We are all Left Shark.

By now you've heard of Left Shark, the true star and MVP of the Super Bowl. We are all Left Shark.


But, like all of us, Left Shark is a complex and complicated figure.

Praise to the Left Shark and all of the memes it inspired http://t.co/n91nDGpCVp

Here's a look at Left Shark, not just Super Bowl MVP, but America's MVP:

1. When Left Shark made a terrible discovery:

2. When Left Shark's mom didn't let them hang out:

3. When Left Shark's biggest fan was forced to reconcile:

4. When Left Shark and Katy Perry starred in their Sharkboy and Lavagirl sequel:

5. When Left Shark closed down the beach for the entire summer:

I guess it's up to me to decide.... Am I going to be a right shark or a left shark today #deep

6. When Left Shark captured the trials and tribulations of teenage dating:

7. When Left Shark broke all our hearts:

8. When Left Shark had an existential crisis:

9. When Left Shark showed us that honesty is the best policy:

10. When Left Shark taught us to love ourselves:

People who buy merch at http://t.co/RkZOVvYnG8 are as cool as Left Shark.

11. When Verne Troyer gave Left Shark the tribute they deserve:

12. When Left Shark gave us eternal life:

13. When Left Shark saved the city from almost certain destruction:

Left Shark isn't the hero we need, but the one we deserve. http://t.co/KcCHQ6QuXa

14. When Left Shark did a joint mixtape with Migos:

15. When Left Shark told us all "Shhhh...it's going to be all right" and quieted our restless souls:

16. When Left Shark took out LL Cool J:

‘Left Shark’ stole the show at #SB49 and the internet had a field day http://t.co/JyZs7hHNCX

17. When Left Shark gave us an exciting new flavor of pizza:

18. When Left Shark's face perfectly captured what it's like to be human:

Does anyone else think left shark is super cute? How could you not love this face

19. When Left Shark was denied that which they held so dear: a sleepover with the squad:

20. When Snoop Dogg came clean:

21. When Left Shark just needed a little time alone:

22. When Left Shark went one toke over the line:

23. And, finally, when Left Shark gave all of us the strength to get through another day: