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    Updated on Apr 25, 2020. Posted on Apr 22, 2020

    28 Extremely Specific Things Literally Everyone's Grandma Had

    Don't touch that silverware!

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    1. This exact casserole dish that had permanent stains in it from years of abuse:

    2. A tin of cookies that was NEVER FULL OF COOKIES:

    3. These candies that just seemed to appear out of nowhere:

    4. That one bird-noise clock that hung in her kitchen or basement and never really worked:

    5. The first television ever invented:

    6. A cabinet full of things you could NEVER touch:


    And amber-colored wine glasses NOBODY DRANK FROM:

    7. Little fruits all over the fridge:

    8. Ribbon candy that was probably like 2 years old:

    9. Werther's, also 2 years old:

    10. That one room you could never go in with weird, plastic couches:

    11. Makeshift mystery Tupperware:

    12. These toe destroyers:

    13. A cabinet dedicated to just plastic bags (that just grew bigger and bigger):

    14. No cable cartoons:

    15. But every single judge in existence:

    16. Towels for DECORATION, not DRYING:

    17. A stationary bike in a random room for no reason:

    18. Welch's glasses that made everything taste better:

    19. That one alarm clock that gave a big, red glow in her bedroom at night:

    20. A decorative pot holder that really, seriously, used to be white:

    21. Old cloth calendars from like decades ago...

    22. ...probably near a couch that looked like this:

    23. A ceramic Christmas tree, preferably one in green and white:

    24. Sewing pincushions just hanging around that you'd be allowed to play with:

    25. A random super-terrifying doll in a place too high for you to reach:

    26. A phone that looked like you could call President Gerald Ford with it:

    27. Chairs that probably sagged a little too much in the middle:

    28. If you're lucky, some $$$ handed to you exactly like this:

    And finally, Grandma waving goodbye like this:

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