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26 Pictures That Will Make You Have To Laugh To Keep From Crying

Or, basically, "Pictures That Will Make You Say 'OOOOOH NOOOOOOOOOO.'"

1. This welcome to a newborn baby:

And this response:

2. This warning to always wear your seatbelt:

3. This woman's toilet paper odyssey:

4. This kid getting EXACTLY what he wanted:

5. This 180 on someone's day:


6. This dog learning the hard way not to eat bees:

7. This very unfortunate fashion decision:

8. This Gugde tattoo:

9. Bizarro Dinklage:


10. These delicious rolls:

11. The worst Christmas ever:

12. Grandma's flirtation with technology:

13. This proud mommy:

14. This important moment in the history of Sex Ed:

15. This pressing matter:

16. This eulogy:

17. This important life lesson:

18. This ~crazy~ little fact:

19. This bubble bear tragedy:

20. This Titanic wish:

21. This anniversary:

22. Bieber's biggest fan:

23. This important clarification:

24. This brilliant idea:

25. This discovery:

26. And Megan's predicament:


Ohhhhh nooooooo.