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19 Tweets That Prove The World Isn't A Complete And Total Dumpster Fire

It's not all bad!!!

Just remember...

1. All the brand-new superheroes:

2. All the very important questions:

3. All the perfect descriptions of love:

4. All the surprise drive-thru moments:

5. All the infamous Chip Days:

6. All the very important races:

7. All the beautiful signs of devotion:

8. All the dogs. Like, all of them:

9. All the movie marathons:

10. All the mysterious dollars:

11. All the Lemonade Laws:

12. All the very touching friendships:

13. All the very important statistics:

14. All the chance encounters:

15. All the salon tears:

16. All the ways to say "thank you":

17. All the times the universe did a good job:

18. All the people living their American dreams:

19. And, finally, remember this advice: