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    20 Pieces Of Indisputable Evidence That The Earth Is Flat

    Wake up, sheeple.

    1. If the Earth is round, explain THIS:

    a person lays a leveler on the ground and its flat

    2. You're tellin' me you trust NASA???

    a person says they don't trust nasa then sites nasa to make their point

    3. How about you riddle me this, riddle master?


    5. Think about gravity. How come no squash bug?

    6. The proof was in the GPS all along. ALL ALONG!

    7. Nathan knows. Tyler knows.

    8. By the way, Earth's not a planet. But you're not ready for that conversation yet.

    9. Ya ever think about meteors? THINK ABOUT THEM!

    10. Not convinced? WELL:

    11. Don't even get me started on Mount Everest.

    12. Does this bowl being dipped into water offer conclusive proof? I submit that it does.

    13. Consider THIS proof:

    14. Don't even think about bringing N*wton up.

    15. What about the planes?

    16. How are planes? HOW ARE PLANES!!!

    17. Read that? SEVEN states are pancakes.

    18. Oh, and pyramids? Made from sandcastles.

    19. It's all a grand prank.

    20. It's just so terrifying.