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Hey, McDonald's: Fix Your Damn Ice Cream Machine

Breakfast is just smoke and mirrors. Just some smokin' mirrors.

By now you know all about that all-day breakfast McDonald's is doing.

mcdonalds serves breakfast all day now RT to save a life

It's all over the place.

That's all well and good, but there's a pressing issue McDonald's needs to take care of: ITS DAMN PERPETUALLY FUCKED-UP ICE CREAM MACHINE.

Honestly I can't remember the last time I went to McDonalds and their ice cream machine was working

No one should have to see this. NO ONE.

Breakfast is just smoke and mirrors.

McDonalds got the audacity to start serving breakfast all day now but i guarantee you that ice cream machine STILL be broke😒

For too long we've had to deal with the despair:

The disbelief:

The confusion:


It happens EVERY TIME.

Every time I go to mcdonalds for ice cream their machine is broken

if i got a dollar for every time mcdonalds ice cream machine is broken i'd be rich

It's just expected by now.

All we ask if that you fix that damn machine.

Or at least be honest with us:


I wish mcdonalds would stop lying bout that damn ice cream machine

Because the world can't deal with the pain anymore.

No Egg McMuff can't plug that hole in our heart.

No hashbrown can make hearing these words feel any better.

Or make us learn to trust again.

We've waited too long.