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Posted on Oct 8, 2015

23 Pictures That Pretty Much Sum Up 2015

Technology giveth and taketh away. Mostly giveth.

1. Five years ago we didn't have to deal with moist thumbs:

2. And getting sent back in time:

3. Five years ago we didn't have to deal with lengthy detours:

4. Or getting locked in iPhone jail:

5. And the dreaded accidental front-facing camera:

6. Ignoring a call didn't feel like a lifetime:

7. And there were no duck troubles:

8. Someone using your shitty phone didn't require intense trust:

9. Swiping wasn't a punishable offense:

10. And we didn't live in constant danger of gettin' our face smashed up:

11. Five years ago we didn't burn our retinas out in the middle of the night:

12. We had no idea how unacceptable only taking one picture was:

13. And we didn't realize how important staying 100 is:

14. Text messages didn't snitch:

15. There was no glorious double chin giggle:

16. And making plans was much less of an art form:

17. People didn't have a good reason not to pay attention:

18. Your phone company didn't remind you how bored you are:

19. People didn't know the agony and the ecstasy of the perfect snap story:

20. Or the perfect position:

21. No one knew what it truly meant to love:

22. And no one knew what true fear ACTUALLY is:

Via Twitter: @alfiesmooth


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