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21 Faces Everyone With A Unique Name Will Immediately Recognize

It's a blessing and a curse.

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1. The "I Literally Just Introduced Myself to You and You Already Pronounced It Wrong" Face:

When you introduce yourself to someone and they already start pronouncing it wrong #GrowingUpWithMyName

2. The "Good Joke About My Name, I've Only Heard It 3 Million Times" Face:

#GrowingUpWithMyName "So you're name is Obi? Like *chuckles* you know *chuckles again* like Obi Wan Kenobi?" Me:

3. The "Oh, Can You Spell It?" Face:

"what's your name?" "[says name]" "oh can you spell it?" #GrowingUpWithMyName

4. The "So, Wait, What's Your REAL Name?" Face

#GrowingUpWithMyName People: "What's your name?" Me: "Baldwin." People: "I mean your real name." Me:


5. The "Realized I'll Never Find My Name on a Souvenir" Face:

#GrowingUpWithMyName when you couldn't find your name on a keychain or a coca cola bottle

6. The "Family Member Just Spelled My Name Wrong" Face:

when certain members of ur family can't even spell ur name right #GrowingUpWithMyName

7. The "Can't Believe You Pronounced It Right on the First Try" Face:

#GrowingUpWithMyName I'm always super shocked when people spell it right

8. The "You Spelled My Name Wrong on Facebook Even Thought It's RIGHT THERE" Face:

#GrowingUpWithMyName when teachers incorrectly pronounce it


9. The "Waiting for the Substitute Teacher to Mispronounce Your Name" Face:

when ur waiting for the substitute teacher to get to ur name and say it wrong #GrowingUpWithMyName

10. The "Honestly How I Feel When People Get It Wrong" Face:

#GrowingUpWithMyName How I feel when people mispronounce it

11. The "Searching for Answers for How You Even Came Up With That Pronunciation" Face:

When someone pronounces completely different from what it looks like #GrowingUpWithMyName


13. The "So, Why Did Your Parents Name You That?" Face:

When people ask me why my Twitter/IG name is spelled geo instead of Gio.... Like I don't got time

14. The "I've Known You My Whole Life and You Still Get It Wrong" Face:

When you've been in class with the same teacher all year and they still pronounce it wrong #GrowingUpWithMyName

16. The "You Said My Name Wrong but I'm Not Even Going to Bother Anymore" Face:

#GrowingUpWithMyName listening to them say your name in every way except for the right one


18. The "Someone Just Told Me How to Pronounce My Own Name" Face:

#GrowingUpWithMyName I've always had people try to tell me how to pronounce my own name

19. The "Just Got Mail That Spelled My Name So Wrong I Am Actually Impressed" Face:

#GrowingUpWithMyName when people still say your name wrong seconds after you told them how to say it