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22 Faces Everyone Who Has Been Drunk Will Immediately Recognize

We've all been there.

1. The "Passing By a Mirror While Drunk" Face:

When you're drunk at a party and you pass a mirror

2. The "Riding in a Car While Drunk" Face:

Riding with the windows down when you're drunk af

3. The "Hey, Are You Drunk?" Face:

When you drunk af and someone asks "are you drunk?"

4. The "Finally Made It to the Bathroom" Face:

When ur drunk and finally make it to the bathroom

5. The "Waiting for the 'We're Here, Come Outside' Text" Face:

when you're about to to go out and you're waiting for that "come outside" text

6. The "Friends Just Walked Into the Party" Face:

When you're drunk at a party and you see your friend walk in...

7. The "Just Took A Shot" Face:

When you take the first shot of the night..

8. The "Drunk, But Trying to Pay Attention to Your Story" Face:

This the face you make when you're drunk and your friend is talking to you, and you really tryna pay attention

9. The "Taking a Selfie While Drunk" Face:

10. The "Someone Is Crying and I Don't Know What to Say" Face:

when someone is crying and ur just like

11. The "Got So Drunk You Start Thinking About Life" Face:

When you’re too drunk at a party so you start sipping and thinking about life

12. The "I Have to Bring My Super-Drunk Friend Home" Face:

When youre sober but you have to drag your drunk friend home

13. The "Everything Is Funny Because I'm Drunk" Face:

"@FillWerrell: When you are drunk and everything is way too funny " literally me

14. The "Leaving a Party Drunk" Face:

when you leave the party drunk af 😂

15. The "Trying to Find My Bed With the Lights Off" Face:

when u turn ur light off and try to find ur bed

16. The "Woke Up in the Middle of the Night Dying of Thirst" Face:

When u wake up in the middle of the night thirsty af

17. The "Trying to Be As Quiet As Possible Getting Home But Just Dropped Something" Face:


18. The "Hearing About My Drunk Actions Last Night" Face:

my face when someone tells me what I did while I was drunk

19. The "Just Remembered All The Texts I Sent Last Night" Face:

The face you make when you reread all the drunk texts you send the night before.

20. The "Looking in the Mirror the Next Day" Face:

when you look in a mirror the morning after a party

21. The "Ridiculously Hungover and My Alarm Just Went Off" Face:

22. The "Woke Up Still Drunk" Face:


And, of course, the text message everyone has sent: