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25 Faces Every Single Server Will Immediately Recognize

Everyone has felt this way.

1. The "Table Comes in Just As You're Cleaning Up" Face:

My when customers come in at 9:50 & we close at 10

2. The "Waiting for Little Kids to Order" Face:

3. The "One Check" Face:

One of the best feelings. @ServingyouProbz #serverlife #serverproblems

4. The "I Have to Laugh If I Want a Big Tip" Face:

When your table tells a joke and you can tell they are going to tip you well. #serverlife

5. The "Hello, how are you doing ton— 'I'LL HAVE A WATER.'" Face:

When a guest cuts me off with their drink order when I'm trying to introduce myself lol #serverlife

6. The "Just Finished a Double but I Swear I Still Am in Control" Face:

Trying to get through this #clopen but the struggle is real. #serverproblems

7. The "I Can't Read My Own Writing" Face:

Chicken scratch & abbreviations. The busier I am the worse it gets. #serverproblems #serverlife

8. The "Customer Added Like 100 Modifications" Face:

My reaction when a customer adds like 100 modifications to their food. #ServerProblems

9. The "Someone's Food Just Touched My Hand" Face:

When you're pre bussing and someone else's food touches your hand #serverprobz

10. The "Smiling but Actually Dead Inside" Face:

When the boss says ya gotta smile at customers

11. The "Just Walked Into Work" Face:

12. The "Customer Is Arguing for No Reason" Face:

When a customer starts an argument and you can't say anything

13. The "They Actually Tried to Seat Themselves" Face:

When a table sits themselves I'm like #hostessprobs

14. The "Tip Made Out of Nickels and Dimes" Face:

When my table leaves me a tip consisting of dimes and nickels #waitressproblems


When you're holding a hot ass plate and the guest won't move her hands out of the way


When you're serving a table and someone says it's they're birthday...

17. The "Table Immediately Started Talking About Their Last Experience" Face:

18. The "Just Put the Order in and Someone Wants to Change It" Face:

My face when you just ring back a tables order and someone at the table wants to change their order #serverprobs

19. The "Can You Pick Up My Shift" Face:

20. The "I NEED FOOD RUNNERS!" Face:

@itsaserverslife we all know this is true #serverproblems

21. The "Customer Says There's Not Enough Ice in the Water" Face:

When your table tells you there's not enough ice in your water. #serverlife #serverprobz

22. The "I Know the Owner" Face:

When there's 1 guy who says 'but I know the owner' to get out of waiting for a table #serverlife #hostessproblems

23. The "Customer Asked So Stupid Like Why Were the Jalapeños Were Spicy" Face:

When a customer asked me why the jalepeños were spicy... #serverproblems

24. The "Table Came in 10 Minutes Before Closing" Face:

The face I make when a table comes on 10 minutes before closing #serverproblems

25. And The "When Was the Last Time You Had a Weekend Off" Face: