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26 Reasons You Should Wish Your Best Friend Was Andy Dwyer From "Parks And Recreation"

Best friends forever and ever and ever and ever amen.

1. He'd get out of trouble with the police:

2. And keep you away from negative influences:

3. He's honest:

4. And just wants to make sure you're healthy:

5. And keeping a healthy diet:

6. He could teach you things you never thought you needed to know:

7. So many things...

8. Why? Because...

9. He's adorable:

10. But not afraid to tackle life's toughest questions:

11. And ask you some questions of his own:

12. His eloquent way of speaking will bring tears to your eyes:

13. So poetic...

14. So beautiful...

15. Not to mention he has fantastic ideas:

16. Some of which will save you huge loads of money:

17. He could show you the finer things in life:

18. And keep you away from the less-fine things:

19. He might even be able to teach you how to play the gortar:

20. Or about "The Mighty Ducks":


22. He'll help you recycle your old electronics:

23. You can have fun everywhere with him:

24. And get into some spirited competitions:

25. But try to keep it at night: