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24 Outfits Literally Every Person Has Seen Before In Their Life

Everyone is the same.

1. The "My Dad Is a Lawyer and He's Going to Sue You" Outfit:

2. The "I Play Soccer So I Got This Haircut" Outfit:

3. The "White Girl During Fall" Outfit:

4. The "Goes to High School Parties in His Twenties" Outfit:

5. The "I've Probably Said 'Go Back to Your Country' to Someone" Outfit:

6. The "I'd Like to Speak to the Manager" Outfit:

7. The "Just Got Back From Vacation in Middle School" Outfit:

8. The "Basic Suburban Dad" Outfit:

9. The "Basic Boy" Outfit:

10. The "Little Cousin Who Always Asks if You've Got Games on Your Phone" Outfit:

11. The "Emo Kid in Middle School" Outfit:

12. The "I Have a Different Lanyard for Each Day of the Week" Outfit:

13. The "I Play Lacrosse" Outfit:

14. The "I Yell at My Wife in Public" Outfit:

15. The "Just Reminded the Teacher That They Forgot to Collect Homework" Outfit:

16. The "Every Hipster Dude Who's Into Bon Iver" Outfit:

17. The "Middle School Badass" Outfit:

18. The "I Only Hang Out in School Parking Lots" Outfit:

19. The "That One Kid in Middle School" Outfit:

20. The "Literally Every Dude Has This Haircut" Outfit:

21. The "Dad on the 4th of July" Outfit:

22. The "That One Cool Teacher" Outfit:

23. The "My Name Is Probably Chad" Outfit:

24. And the outfit that describes us all: