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19 Pictures That Will Make You Uncomfortable For No Reason


1. This tomato with a sprout growing out of it:

2. This banana that's a little too straight:

3. This unnaturally big lemon:

4. These strawberry seeds that started sprouting:

5. The world's longest french fry:

6. These apple seeds that have started to sprout:

7. This "shaved" watermelon:

8. These peeled grapes:

9. This backwards Oreo:

10. This avocado that's started to grow:

11. This peeled peach:

12. This little extra friend inside a grapefruit:

13. This peeled tomato:

14. This cake that looks like a turkey:

15. This pie abomination:

16. This mango that's sprouted:

17. Bread sliced horizontally:

18. This hot dog that's way too flat:

19. And these oranges that look like a literal butthole: