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These Are 25 Of The Easiest Questions In "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" History. Can You Get Them All Correct?

Can't be that hard, can it?

Below are 25 of the easiest questions in Who Wants to Be a Millionaire history. Think you can get them all right?

  1. A magnet would most likely attract which of the following?

  2. Where did Scotch whisky originate?

  3. In fancy hotels, it is traditional for what tantalizing treat to be left on your pillow?

  4. In the United States, what is traditionally the proper way to address a judge?

  5. The popular children's song "It's Raining, It's Pouring" mentions an "old man" doing what?

  6. In which of these films does Whoopi Goldberg dress up as a nun?

  7. If someone asked to see your ID, what might you show them?

  8. According to a common phrase, a person who takes chances is "going out on a" what?

  9. Due to the geographical areas they represented, the opposing sides of the US Civil War were known by what names?

  10. A geologist would likely be LEAST helpful for answering questions about which of the following?

  11. A feisty train is the hero of a classic children's book titled The Little Engine That what?

  12. According to the old saying, "love of" what "is the root of all evil"?

  13. A well-known lyric in the holiday song "Silver Bells" promises that "soon it will be" what?

  14. When a person is rudely ignored, he is said to be getting what?

  15. A person who is not a banker and lends money at an extremely high interest rate is known as what?

  16. A common piece of advice goes "be there or be" what?

  17. If you're trying to find other players in a game of hide-and-seek, what are you most likely called?

  18. Which of these phrases is slang for "someone who has a strong and unyielding attitude"?

  19. If you're skeptical about something, you should "take it with a grain of" what?

  20. Something in an obvious location is said to be "right under your" what?

  21. When a tree is cut down, the part that remains in the ground is called what?

  22. To convince you he is truthful, a person is most likely to say he will "swear on a stack of" what?

  23. Where would you most likely hear the request "Cleanup in aisle 5"?

  24. By definition, a 10-speed bike has 10 what?

  25. A lullaby is a song sung to babies to help them do what?

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