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22 People Who Should Have Never Fallen Asleep In Class


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School is back and with it is the intense urge to sleep every second of every day. Learn from these people. WHY? Well...

1. Because your safety is important:

2. Because it's hard enough as it is to sit in a chair:

3. Because you're in band class:

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5. Because you weren't planning on a makeover that day:

6. Because everyone is watching you:

7. Because rulers and butts just don't mix:


8. Because loud squeals are no way to be woken up:

9. Because someone is always out to get you:

10. Because the back of your head is very valuable:

11. And so is your hair:


12. Because no one should go down like this:

13. Because salt is not meant to be consumed while asleep:

14. Because your entire class will leave you high and dry:

15. Because your beanie won't make a good helmet:


17. Because there's nothing fun about a simulated earthquake:

18. Because awake or asleep — no one needs a wet willy:


20. Because pens do not belong in a nose:

21. Because you might end up in the next issue of National Geographic:

22. Because do you really want to end up looking like this?