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19 Reasons Why You Should Never Be Embarrassed Again In Your Life

It's gonna be OK.

1. Because you didn't make this mistake:

2. Because you know a tomato when you see it:

3. Because you didn't make this grave error:

4. Because your fingers are free:

5. Because you know a good period when you see it:

6. Because you know a fan when you see it:

7. Because you didn't tear your... uhhhh:

8. Because this didn't happen to you:

9. Because you didn't immortalize this search forever:

10. Because you didn't tell your friend this:

11. Because you aren't trying to get a pug pregnant:

12. Because you didn't get caught like this:

13. Because you didn't take on the wrong new world order:

14. Because you're not saving anyone from boredom:

15. Because you understand how texting works:


16. Because you didn't do this:

17. Because you know what a map is:


18. Because you are familiar with time:


19. And because you're still allowed in Panera:

Via Twitter: @fortuna_alexa

Don't be embarrassed.

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