19 Very Important Questions That Need To Be Answered ASAP

    HUH??? HUH???

    1. What's going on with cereal technology???

    2. How did squids drop the ball on this???

    3. Who's responsible for this???

    4. Where does the english language GET OFF???

    5. Where's the gas???

    6. What even is a straw???

    7. What's the deal with tips???

    8. What's the REAL #1???

    9. How TF does time even work???

    10. Record record record record???

    11. Who in the Kim Deal is responsible for GIGANTIC???

    12. What idiot did this???

    13. Whose horses are they? WHOSE?!!?

    14. Why does sleeping work like this???

    15. Where does Big Trash GET OFF???

    16. Where do banks GET OFF???

    17. Why is less more???

    18. Aren't the seats imaginary???

    19. Who is that little voice???