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    19 Reasons Why Everyone Needs To Start Dipping Right Now


    1. Because dipping is very IN right now:

    2. You look cool as hell with a sweet pair of shades on:

    3. It's really not nasty at all:

    4. You get to learn about the many states of dip spit. For example, here it is in its frozen-solid phase:

    The struggle is real for dippers in the winter

    5. It promotes individuality:

    6. It's the perfect way to ask someone to prom:

    The most formal way of asking someone to prom. Genuis.

    7. You get to build an impressive collection. Who needs stamps!

    8. It makes the school days pass in a breeze:

    9. It makes a fine belt:

    Check out what Spitbud came out with. Show what you dip with pride!

    10. It makes a great meme:

    11. You learn about the important things in life:

    12. It helps you keep track of time:

    13. You can be on the frontline of the battle for equality:

    14. You strengthen your relationship:

    15. It's just straight-up cool as hell:

    16. You can pretend you're a fountain:

    17. You get to make a server's day:

    18. The world looks a lot better with used tobacco littering the ground, anyway:

    19. It's just so dang cute:

    How can you not love this?

    So cute.