Did You Actually Grow Up In The ’90s?

This is the only way to prove you were born then. Birth certificates are garbage. Your parents’ words are useless. Don’t show me your driver’s license. This is the only way.

  1. Check all that you remember!
    2. Via etsy.com
      See-through phones
    1. The joy of walking into gym class and seeing this laid out on the floor
    2. Via vimeo.com
      This screen
    1. The day you became a master painter
    2. These stylin’ ankle-breakin’ skates
    1. The best movie tie-in ever, the Talkboy
    2. One of these bad boys
    1. These tongue-ruiners
    2. A portable vacation
    1. The most fun 25 cents could buy
    2. The best way to wake up in the morning
    1. This sweet, sweet French Toasty nectar
    2. Ridiculously uncomfortable blow-up furniture
    2. Gum that lasted about two seconds
    1. Ridiculously fashionable choker necklaces
    2. The hardest game you’ll ever play
    1. The best cereal prize ever
    2. Via sears.com
      Balancing birds
    1. Via imgur.com
      The toy that got your through the darkest (and greenest) of times
    2. Via ebay.com
      The original Gameboy
    1. The joy of finding out what’s inside
    2. Opening a cabinet and finding these
    1. The original iPod
    2. LAZER TAG
    1. Drawing these all over EVERYTHING
    2. Grabbing a cold one after a long day in one of these cups
    1. The only reason you were healthy as a child
    2. Pierre Escargot, in all his glory
    1. Chatting with a robot
    2. Via imdb.com
      The leaning tower of Cheeza
    1. Fending off invasion in this castle
    2. THE SMELL
    1. Via xaxor.com
      These pieces of fancy silverware
    2. Book fairs
    1. Brownies from the cosmos
    2. The only road map you’ll ever need
    1. Sweet, sugary goodness
    2. Cookies for breakfast
    1. This hypnotizing screensaver
    2. The center of the world
    1. Gross green goop
    2. The ultimate team
    1. Filling these up with candy
    1. Playing some indoor ball
    2. The strangest way to chew gum
    1. The most confusing way to chew gum
    2. The most suspenseful toy ever
    1. Cruising around town in this stunner
    2. The joy of butt scooters
    1. DJ soda
    2. Walking the moon/wrecking your ankles in these
    1. Becoming a world-class chef
    2. Dying of dysentery
    1. All out WAR
    2. Your first pet
    1. Playing catch
    2. Creating things with light
    1. This super BA toy
    2. The original selfie machine
    1. Doritos from another dimension
    2. The sweet sound this made
    1. Using your mouth to make art
    2. Grosser green goop
    1. Exploring via magazine
    1. This brand-new SUV
    2. That sweet, pungent Koosh smell
    1. Squeezin’ it
    2. Gross-ass mutant ketchup
    1. Velcro kicks
    2. The finest poetry ever written
    1. Finding out your future

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