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    Jan 5, 2017

    If Any Of These Pictures Bother You You Definitely Have Coulrophobia

    Man, these things are scary.

    Coulrophobia is the fear of clowns. Do you have it? Let's find out.

    1. If you do, it probably started with this guy here.


    2. I mean, he's terrifying.


    3. How do these guys make you feel?

    4. What about this?

    5. Imagine walking home all alone and seeing this:

    6. Or this:

    Or, my god, this:

    7. How's this make you feel?

    8. What about this?

    Wasco Clown/Facebook

    9. Or this?

    10. Clowns have always been terrifying.

    Imagno / Getty Images

    11. ALWAYS.

    12. Imagine driving home late at night and seeing this:

    13. Or just walking around the store and running into this:

    14. Or literally just turning around and seeing this:

    15. They're horrifying.

    16. How are you doing?

    17. Still with me?

    18. Just imagine running into this:

    19. Or seeing this outside your door:

    20. Feeling scared?

    21. Feeling nervous?

    22. Feeling like this girl?

    You definitely have coulrophobia, then.



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