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24 Pictures That Prove Americans Have No Idea How To Deal With Coronavirus

So much milk.

People are panic buying...

1. An insane amount of milk:

But the milk gonna go bad... Why??

2. Hundreds of eggs:

@AngelaKinsey I went to Walmart this morning and this was the cart in front of me at 9 am. I need some explanations 🤯🥚

3. Every single flavor of chocolate-covered pretzels:

Just ran to the store to get one little ingredient for my veggie soup. The man in front of me was purchasing $37 worth of “essentials.” I’m not sure if I’m horrified or jealous.

4. Fifty-two cans of soup:

Also, buying 50 cans of soup will not help you if you catch the #coronavirus I cannot make this up people . This lady in front of me at the grocery store bought 52 cans of soup... #coronaviruscalifornia

5. A hundred pounds of birdseed:

The scene at Walmart today: everyone else is panic buying enough food for months and this older gentleman rolls up with a cart full of 100 pounds of wild bird seed. I don't know if I've ever respected someone more in my life 🦃

6. Every single box of condoms:

This dude is straight up buying all the condoms 😂

7. Fifty-seven bags of frozen corn:

Good morning only to the person with nothing but 57 bags of frozen corn in their cart this morning. Do they know something I don’t? Is frozen corn the answer to all the problems?

8. An ungodly amount of beef:

I think the guy next to me in line at Trader Joe’s is going overboard.

9. Like 20 gallons of milk:

10. Like 15 bottles of Thousand Island dressing:

Seen @lesshumbleteej at the store. True deviant activities

11. A lifetime supply of trash bags:

Panic buyers are weird bruh, someone bought an entire cart of trash bags. Are y'all trying to dispose a body wtf.

12. MORE milk:

there is mass panic at heb rn & this guy is stacking his entire cart with gallons of milk i wish i was making this up

13. An entire cart of Sprite:

An hour into the grocery store quarantine line and this guy cuts with a shopping cart full of nothing but Sprite. Not even mad about it dude has his priorities straight 🤣😂

14. Chocolate chip muffins:

Yesterday i saw a guy at Costco with a cart full of chocolate chip muffins. Today I’m thinking he maybe onto something.

15. M I L K:

16. Towers of toilet paper:

17. Hot dog buns and cream cheese:

Saw a man at Whole Foods with a cart filled to the brim with potato hot dog buns and cream cheese. Wasn’t sure what to make of this


@mkhamisha1 see and add: an entire cart of Healthy Choice brand “power bowls”

19. An entire cart of corn dogs:

Just came back from the grocery store where among the craziness I saw a women with an entire grocery cart of frozen corn dogs. I think she is taking that ‘what food would you want if standard on a deserted island’ question to a whole new level.

20. Forty rolls of toilet paper and three bags of rice:

21. So much bread:

The man buying all the bread has his priorities straight

22. A single Michelob Ultra:

This sad picture is from Winco Sumner. Also I didn’t get a picture of it but some dude had a cart full of mayo. Wtf white people?


24. And, of course, just the essentials:

At Costco- people grabbing at paper towels toilet paper and stockpiling water, but the elderly lady in front of me- just Jack Daniels in her cart. Either she shopped yesterday or this is her Pandemic Plan